2 thoughts on “The Good Samaritan

  1. How long have you been attending the DV 49er Days? Did you know any of the Wagon Train Encampment people? H.K. Holland (my first employer in the mortuary biz) from Ridgecrest ran his team every year for many years until he became too ill in2002 or 2003..he died in 2004. He owned Holland & Lyons Mortuary in Ridgecrest and in Trona.

    • His history predates mine… the ’49ers have been going for about 60 years and I’ve only been attending for 4. Based on the high caliber of people attending, he must have been a heck of a guy. Unfortunately this year the 29 mule team couldn’t attend due to closed roads and some issues with the Park service. It was a big disappointment to everyone.

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