Forget the Ads…

Memorial Day.
civil war soldiers3
Forget the ads, the sales, the long weekend, barbeques, pool parties and a lazy day off from work. For just a couple of minutes today, I challenge you to remember Memorial Day, and honor those men and women who died in service to OUR country.

civilwar soldiers

Memorial Day started as Decoration Day about three years after the Civil War and there are a number of towns that claim the distinction of being the first to hold formal celebrations – but really does it matter where it began? Or, how it has evolved?

Memorial Day is now celebrated on the last Monday in May, making a nice long weekend for most of us.

civil war soldiers 4

And yet, I would wager that no American has gone untouched by a veteran’s sacrifice, whether it be a family member, a neighbor, or a local high school graduate. And so, this year I would like to ask each one of us, myself included, to take a moment and remember the tremendous service given to preserve the liberties we often take for granted.

ww2 soldiers3

us soldier4

us soldiers3

Please take just a minute to think about this country, with all all its freedoms, and even all its flaws and remember that without the service of our armed forces we wouldn’t have the lives we live today.

And then, maybe make a little extra effort and celebrate Memorial Day the way it was originally intended. Visit a cemetery and lay flowers on the grave of an armed forces member.



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