The Buffalo

“The white buffalo woman disappeared over the horizon. Sometime she might come back.

As soon as she vanished, buffalo in great herds appeared, allowing themselves to be killed so that the people might survive.

And from that day on, our relations, the buffalo, furnished the people with everything they needed – meat for their food, skins for their clothes and tipis, bones for their many tools.”

–Legend of the White Buffalo Woman, Brule Sioux

buffalo 1

“We had buffalo for food, and their hides for clothing and our tipis. We preferred hunting to a life of idleness on the reservations where we were driven against our will.”
–Crazy Horse

“Buffalo were the lords of the prairie. To European settlers traveling across America’s Great Plains in the early 1800s, the prairie wind was a constant companion: a gentle whisper echoing across the vast sea of grass that carpeted the center of the North American continent. Sometimes, however, the rumbling of thunder could be heard in the distance, though no storm clouds could be seen. Then the ground would begin to tremble, and suddenly the astonished newcomers would be surrounded by a thundering herd of hulking animals that stretched further than the eye could see. The majestic welcoming committee made it clear that the settlers had, at last, arrived in the buffalo nation — a land where tens of million of American Bison held sway.”

10 thoughts on “The Buffalo

  1. Nice sketch and background information. I had the fun of visiting a Cherokee family’s game preserve just after the birth of their third buffalo. He’s a big boy now, but it was great seeing them up close and growing in number.

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