The Cowboy Artist

“Talent, like birthmarks, are gifted an’ no credit nor fault of those who wear them.” – Charles M. Russell

Of all the Western artists, Charles Russell (the cowboy artist) is hands down my favorite; known not just for his art, but also for his intimate understanding of American Indians as well as cowboys and ranchers.

A Desperate Stand

A Desperate Stand

While he had definite talent, and his mother was actually a rather well known artist in Missouri, he never received a formal art education. Instead, he learned from life itself.

A Doubtful Handshake

A Doubtful Handshake

Working as a cowboy and living life on the range, Russell traveled from Montana to Canada spending a winter with the Blackfoot Indian tribe, learning about their religious ceremonies, arts, crafts, hunting methods, warfare methods and their tribal legends.

Lost in a Snowstorm We are now allies

Lost in a Snowstorm
We are now allies

He knew his subject intimately and it showed – his art wasn’t romanticized – instead it illustrated scenes from his memories.

Roping a Steer

Roping a Steer

With approximately 4,000 works of art credited to him, Charles Russell has kept alive a forgotten way of life.

In Without Knocking

In Without Knocking

Of all the “cowboy artists” Charles Russell is the one I study, learn from and most admire.

Jerked Down

Jerked Down

To learn more about him, check out these links

So tell me, who is your favorite “cowboy artist”?


5 thoughts on “The Cowboy Artist

  1. Hello. I am new to your site. I have noticed your recent support on my blog and I value that. I wanted to drop by and thank you. The one post I reviewed above is fantastic; and as time and health permit I have to work through your archives. Nice to meet you, Belinda

    • Thank you Belinda – it’s nice to meet you as well. I’ve been enjoying your posts and appreciate your poetry and personal candor. I look forward to reading more. Trapper Gale

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