A Turn for the Worse

In every aspect of life, there are moments when things go wrong. This painting reflects one of those moments.

Rider and horse are one, or are they? The horse senses danger and is shying away. The rider, too involved in the hunt, senses no such danger. Will this be a turn for the worse?

The Buffalo are intent on escape, but turn into each other. Will they avoid a crash? Or, will they end up in a crumpled heap, easy prey for those in the chase?

You decide.

A Turn for the Worse

A Turn for the Worse

In either case, a turn is happening.

A Turn for the Worse
Gale F. Trapp, 2010
Acrylic on hardboard, 16×20″

9 thoughts on “A Turn for the Worse

  1. One of my favorite petroglyphs is in Frijole Canyon on the Bandelier National Park ground. It depicts a huge griz with two men afoot with spears toward the hindquarters, one on each side, and a third with a broken spear up front about to get swatted with a set of mile-long claws. I’m guessing folks living that lifestyle had a lot of opportunities for things to go sour.

    On the other hand, there’s one on the cliff bottom of Sacred Mesa on the Zuni Rez depicts a Spaniard being held by his ankles atop a cliff by a Zuni. Leaves the impression it was a bad day about to get worse.

    Another in the desert east of Socorro, NM, under a cliff overhang there’s a 100 yard long bit of painted rock art depicting a lot armored Spaniards getting pulled from their horses and slaughtered. As far as I know it’s never been confirmed, but I suspect the scene involved the rear-guard of the Spaniard retreat after the Pueblo Revolt of 1680.

    Humans haven’t changed much. They get excited and want to make a record of things, I reckons.

    • It’s true – humans like to leave… a little bit of themselves behind. Cliff paintings are a pretty amazing way to do that, too. Thanks for stopping by – I appreciate your observations.

      Trapper Gale

  2. I love making art but also love looking at it. Understanding nuances like the ones you mentioned that most of us may never pick up on. I’d kill (maybe not..) for this painting. So gorgeous. Illistrates two things I find very fascinating: 1) The bond between two amazing species – humans and horses. Ever since I got to ride a horse that wasn’t a poor pony being marched in circles at a fair, it’s astounding how a creature that could end your life at any moment becomes a worker and companion. Something about the power they have over us while allowing us to ride on them. 2) Buffalos. What animal can embody the era in which the eastern world moved west and did not find an ocean that fell off into space, but an amazing land and amazing cultures. I am very glad these animals are making a comeback. We almost destroyed them.

    • Thanks for your nice comment. Horses can be amazing partners to their riders, and many tribes of Indians forged true bonds with them – they were trusted partners. As for the buffalo, yes it is a positive sign they are making a comeback, but it’s also a reminder of the greed and destruction sometimes made in the name of progress. Thanks again for stopping by –
      Trapper Gale

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