Remember to be kind

It’s a season for hustle and bustle, shopping and travel. The news is filled with stories of black Friday shopping horror, weather related travel delays and various atrocities around the globe, with only the occasional mention of acts of kindness from one stranger to another… I’m thinking of the individuals leaving large tips for wait staff, volunteers manning and collecting for food banks and toy drives, those that take the time to hold a door, or simply smile at someone.

Simple acts of kindness make all the difference. So, remember to be kind.

The Good Samaritan
Gale F. Trapp

The Good Samaritan

The Good Samaritan

45 thoughts on “Remember to be kind

  1. Remember Kids, it ain’t nuthin’ but STUFF…it’s the people you spend the good times with that you will look back on fondly and cherish memories of…and once those folks have left our earthly worldly presence, that’s what’s left, too. There’s no STUFF. Gale, I hope you and yours have a safe and memorable Christ-time. Love your art.

  2. Wonderful painting Gale. Xmas is the time to come together and be happy forgive and forget old problems and keep the spirit ongoing throughout the year. Happy Xmas to you and yours Gale.

  3. I haven’t stepped out of my cave for a few months, Trapper Gale. I am always struck when I come by to visit you, and see your art … I need to come by more often. Your words are good, as is your heart. Peace to you and your folks. T (Thanks for stopping by the Wilder Man on Rolling Creek.

  4. Gale, that is a perfect post (and great painting). It is a great start of the day for me today, and “Simple acts of kindness make all the difference” is a great first thought to have. Happy Holidays!

  5. Gale, can’t wait to see your next Western scene. This is a great holiday painting. I sent you an email, so take a look at that when you can or let me know if you don’t get it. Keep painting.

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  7. Lovely words and a lovely picture. I think individually probably most people feel similarly – somehow en masse we seem to lose our humanity. As for the media – well, good news is no news ….. there’s nothing like a disaster or scandal to keep the media, and populace, happy! All the best for 2014.

  8. that is the best advice in the world – and I am horrified that I do actually have to remind myself to be kind. there is so much stress in our lives it’s easy to forget about other people, but we are all fighting our own battles, and the difference a small act of kindness makes to another person who is struggling, can be enormous. I think I need to have ‘remember to be kind’ tattoo’d somewhere where I can see it as a daily reminder – unfortunately if I have it tattoo’d on me that won’t work as I frequently forget to look in a mirror, so maybe I should get it put on the Painter….?

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