Sacred Ground

The Great Spirit is in all things. He is in the air we breathe. The Great Spirit is our Father, but the Earth is our Mother. She nourishes us…..That which we put into the ground she returns to us.
Big Thunder (Bedagi) Wabanaki Algonquin

The land is sacred. These words are at the core of your being. The land is our mother, the rivers our blood. Take our land away and we die. That is, the Indian in us dies.
Mary Brave Bird

Sacred Ground Gale F. Trapp, 2012

Sacred Ground
Gale F. Trapp, 2012

Treat the earth well. It was not given to you by your parents—it was loaned to you by your children.
Indian proverb

The ground on which we stand is sacred ground. It is the blood of our ancestors.
Plenty Coups, Crow

The Intruder

I had a good time painting this, as I wondered just who the intruder really is. Is it the car, the buffalo, the dog, the boy or all of them?

What is the boy worried about… the car that obviously is not his own, but that he’s apparently allowed to drive, his faithful companion, the dog or his own safety?

We see a car broken down from running through the stream (wet spark plugs?) and the boy in front, perhaps cranking the motor, when the buffalo arrives.

The dog is attempting to protect the boy, while the boy doesn’t know what to do and just wants both the dog and the buffalo to cool it. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

The Intruder Gale F. Trapp, 2013 Acrylic on board 12x16

The Intruder
Gale F. Trapp, 2013
Acrylic on board 12×16