Saturday Night at Rock Creek

Every cowboy was a dandy at heart. He wanted to look his best after a hard week at the line camp, branding calves and busting broncos. Shedding a week’s worth of grime, sweat and dirt wasn’t easy, which made a Saturday night bath not just an indulgence, but a necessity.

Of course, bathtubs were a luxury; hot water unnecessary. A real man needed only a hole in the nearby creek. The cowboy’s grizzled expression testifies to the temperature of the water.

His pale complexion bears witness to the complete cover-up of his body during the week past. Cowboys don’t suntan.

The only thing that does not come off is the hat. It is too precious to leave lying around. However, his draws surrender to a weekly cleaning as well, and are nearly as white as his complexion.

Horse and dog keep patient watch while the transformation takes place. Saturday night revels can’t be missed.

Saturday Night at Rock Creek 2012

Saturday Night at Rock Creek

About the painting

Gale F. Trapp, 2012
Acrylic on hardboard, 10×24″.
Available for sale